Transportation at the Crossroads – March 22, 2016

Are you tired of wasting time in traffic jams when you could be spending it with your family or being productive at work? If you think gridlock is bad now, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” The population in the Twin Cities metro area is expected to grow by more than half a million people by 2030. In addition, our population is aging and seniors who can no longer drive need options for getting around if they want to stay in their homes. Not only do our roads and bridges need repair now, we’ll need more effec- tive options to safely move people and products as our communities grow.

Although there’s been a lot of talk about investing in our transportation system, the legislature has failed to put together an adequate plan. Moreover, the east metro has historically seen less than its fair share of transportation funding. That can change this spring when the legislature comes back to work. Join us to better understand the opportunities for Washington County and learn what can be done to make 2016 the year for action and solutions for transportation. 

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Lori Sturdevant – Introduction (5 minutes)

Jan Lucke  – Washington County Transit & Planning Manager (12 minutes)

Roger Green – Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce (8 minutes)

Tom Cook – Metropolitan State University (8 minutes)

Dave Van Hattum – Transportation Forward and Transit for Livable Communities (9 minute)

Questions and Answers (45 minutes)