You are invited to join us and bring a friend! 

River Valley Action
Monthly Gathering

Thursday, January 12, 2012

6:30 – 8:30 P.M.

Washington County Government Center, South Wing

Note: Change of Meeting Room to LL12 in Lower Level

Please sign in with the security officer on main level


  1. Introductions
  2. Review River Valley Action’s key 2012 legislative issues – identified at 12.8.11 meeting
    Each is a potential State Constitutional Amendment:

    1. Limits on raising revenue
    2. Right to work (limiting rights of workers to organize unions)
    3. Voter Identification (Prevent Fraud or Suppress Voting?)
  3. Complete plans and volunteer assignments for second Myth Busting Forum, Tuesday, January 31st
    1. MYTH #1: Taxes & Regulations Destroy Jobs
    2. MYTH #2: Voter ID Will Prevent Voter Fraud
  4. Preparing for Advocacy During the 2012 Legislative Session
    Margaret Boettcher will lead in development of strategies, techniques and actions to influence legislators and legislation
  5. Discussion of Whether to Plan a Third Myth Busting Forum
    If yes, where, when and what would be the myths to address?
Your participation at this meeting is important. Together we can learn to more effectively influence our legislators. 


River Valley Action is a group of citizens in Washington County who value a healthy and informed civic community. We are individual residents and include members of labor unions, non-profit organizations, and several faith communities. 


We meet monthly and work together in a nonpartisan manner to make our progressive values heard. We do this through organizing public forums and actively tracking public policy issues at the local and state levels.


All citizens wanting to have their voices heard and ideas for the common good shared! No membership fee.