Organize a Forum

A neutral moderator guides the forum.  The moderator briefly (10 minutes):

  • gives purpose of forum
  • describes River Valley Action
  • thanks host site
  • introduces each panelist

Each panelist has 15 minutes to present his/her views.

Then the audience addresses questions to one member of the panel. The person from the audience comes to the mike, gives name and addresses one member of the panel. A questioner does not give a presentation.  The answer must be one minute or less.



Identifier Description Status Due Date Person Notes
1 Write newspaper articles
2 Invite speakers
3 Prepare flyer
4 Email flyer
5 Print flyer
6 Distribute flyer
7 Contact cable tv
8 Site preparation

  • microphones
  • projector
  • chairs for speakers
  • tables for speakers
  • podium
  • flip charts
9 Choose Forum moderator
10 Invite Districts 52 & 56 representatives & senators
11 Greet people coming to the forum
12 Time panelists presentations
13 Write thank you note to site hosting forum
14 Print Program
15 Take pictures
16 Write letter of thanks to presenters